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Feeling Good Is Just the Beginning: 4 Ways Massage Can Change Your Life

No pain no gain? Not so much. Rubbing out sore muscles and painful knots feels amazing, but the benefits are way bigger than a simple ‘ah!’ (Not that we’d ever discount the awesomeness of blissful relaxation.) Here’s why home massage treatments are a super-smart investment: Bye, Pain! 8 out of 10 Americans experience muscle or […]

What’s the Difference Between All These Types of Massages?

A good massage is truly a treat and offers many health benefits, but as you’ve noted, massage places tend to offer lots of options on their services menus. In fact, there are over 200 different massage techniques and types, all treating different needs and providing various benefits. Let’s break it down. Here are nine of […]

14 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You To Know

It’s no surprise that a massage can seriously soothe your mind and body, and you already know a solid rubdown has impressive health perks, like better blood circulation, amped immunity, anxiety relief, and even improved sleep quality. But beyond the obvious, there’s a lot to wonder about the magic of massage. Few therapies are quite […]

15 Completely Legit Reasons Why You Need a Massage

Whether it’s a back rub from your partner or a hand massage during a manicure, a good rubdown can be a total godsend. But it doesn’t just feel nice: Research suggests (and experts agree) that getting massaged can actually benefit your health. You can’t argue with science (and probably wouldn’t want to), so keep these […]

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage, also simply called Thai massage, is a 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic-based body science developed and popularized by Buddha’s doctor, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. A trained Thai Yoga massage therapist stretches a person with specific, assisted yoga poses. The philosophy behind Thai yoga massage techniques focuses on energy points called “sen.” As the Thai massage therapist […]

What to Expect at Your Massage Session

Preliminary Information Your massage therapist will ask preliminary questions to determine your overall health and your health and wellness goals. The massage therapist will consider information about your physical condition, medical history, and any areas of physical pain that could affect your massage therapy outcome. This information will help the massage therapist structure the session […]