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The Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage uses techniques applied to specific muscle groups to help ease intense pain as well as strengthen and tone muscles. It focuses on different layers of your muscle and tendon tissue and helps to relax and lengthen muscles and reduce repetitive strain pattern injuries.

The Benefits

Since it usually focuses on a specific muscle for example injury rehabilitation, or chronic muscle pain, the massage can be applied to any part of the body, specially lower back, hamstrings, neck, arms for any number of conditions like limited mobility, low back pain, injury recovery, strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, issues with posture, sciatica, tennis elbow and many other conditions that we suffer day to day from the hard days at work.

The beauty of the deep tissue massage is that it can improve circulation, increase the range of motion and ease inflammation as well as reduce some minor aches and pains from your body, it can also help lower blood pressure.

Also equally important is a relaxed state of mind which will help you sleep better as well.

Does it Hurt?

You might feel certain discomfort at times, especially if you have any problems with a specific muscle but you should always tell your massage therapist if it’s painful so they can adjust the technique as necessary. 


If you have blood clots (deep vein thrombosis), have a bleeding disorder, cancer or undergoing cancer treatment, osteoporosis, or recently had a surgery we don’t recommend having a deep tissue massage, you should consult your doctor first or try another gentler type of massage.

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