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Add-on Services

Check out our Add-On Services below to get more relaxation and more benefits from your massage session.

CDB Balm (Hot & New!)

A highly concentrated CBD Balm is added to specific trouble spots to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

The herbs in the compress possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, and antioxidant properties. They are used to relax & relieve muscle pain, beriberi, swelling, and blood circulation improvement. Refreshes your body is anti-microorganisms. Some of the most common ailments treated with the body ball are: edema, common cold, arthritis, bronchitis, toothache, menstrual cramp, stress, anxiety, dry skin, insomnia, muscle aches, pains or tension, migraines/headaches, skin abrasions or bruises, flatulence, high blood pressure, digestion, nervousness, decreased energy levels and wound healing.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing. By combining massage with hot stones, the circulatory system is both stimulated and relaxed. This circulatory activity promotes the release of toxins from the muscles, assisting the body in self-healing. In addition, tense muscles are also softened and eased by the deeply penetrating heat of the stones. Pain and muscle spasms are banished and a feeling of peacefulness and spiritual well-being takes hold. The combined effect prompts a state of enhanced relaxation that washes away stress and sets the stage for re-energizing and rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit.


Aromatherapy is a soft relaxing massage with the essential oils of your choice. This gentle technique provides total relaxation, healing, and mood-lifting. The fragrant aromas will give you a feeling of inner well-being and positive energy.

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