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Feeling Good Is Just the Beginning: 4 Ways Massage Can Change Your Life

No pain no gain? Not so much. Rubbing out sore muscles and painful knots feels amazing, but the benefits are way bigger than a simple ‘ah!’ (Not that we’d ever discount the awesomeness of blissful relaxation.) Here’s why home massage treatments are a super-smart investment:

Bye, Pain!
8 out of 10 Americans experience muscle or joint pain. The pressure and vibration from massage can come to the rescue, big-time. Massage amps up blood flow. More blood to painful spots results in less inflammation and faster tissue repair. This, in turn, means your achy legs/back/shoulders/etc. feel significantly better, faster. Eliminating or alleviating pain allows you to keep doing the things you love…and feel great doing them.

Increase Circulation & Reduce Swelling
Heat is a powerful tool. It stimulates blood circulation and lessens pain from repetitive strains and osteoarthritis. Cold is ideal for reducing swelling and inflammation from muscle and joint injuries. Try the new Wahl Hot-Cold Massaging Gel Pack, which combines temperature therapy with vibratory massage for wonderfully effective pain relief. Just pop it in the freezer or microwave and use handy Velcro straps: voila, hands-free pain relief!

Fight Anxiety & Depression
There’s an explanation for massage’s power to relax and de-stress. Pressure and touch dial down the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, and give the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine a boost. A decrease in depression, anxiety levels, and stress hormones…yes, please!

Sleep Soundly
Quality sleep is essential to health and wellness. If you’ve ever dozed off on a massage table, you don’t need to be convinced that massage makes falling asleep much easier. According to the Touch Research Institute, studies have shown that massage increases delta waves−those linked with deep sleep. Plus, sleep comes easier when you’re relaxed and pain-free.

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